Gilbert W.K. Lau, Managing Director
Mr. Lau Wai Kwong, Gilbert is the managing director of Oriental Logistics Holdings Co, Ltd. He established Oriental Logistics Holdings Co, Ltd. in 1996, which simply delivered business in physical distribution and public warehousing for general and dangerous cargoes at that time. Through results-oriented efficiency and a vision of expanding Oriental Logistics's range of services, Mr. Lau has created an enterprise consists of four prime companies, which are: Oriental Logistics Company Limited, Oriental Physical Distribution Company Limited, Oriental Systems Company Limited and Eastern Investment Holdings Limited. Oriental Systems Company Limited has operations across the Asia-Pacific region, in PRC, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

Prior to setting up Oriental Logistics, Mr. Lau already had many years of experience working in a large warehousing company in Hong Kong. During that period, he identified the vast potential of the logistics industry, and began to pave the way for setting up his own business by establishing the necessary connections. Right from the start, he had a vision for the company to become the best logistics provider of the decade, by providing zero-defect, IT driven, logistics services in an efficient and customer-focused manner that would result in total customer satisfaction. This vision, reinforced by total dedication and commitment of management, drives every employee of the company to strive to provide the best quality services to their customers. The Company gradually moved into providing “one-stop services” to customers successfully by delivering high end and high value-added total logistics services.

The good entry strategy and high quality customer service paved the way for the success of Lau's Company. Oriental Logistics was the pioneer in third-party logistics in Hong Kong. Most of its customers are either US Fortune 500 companies or sizable international corporations. Mr. Lau’s success has been recognized by the public in a number of awards, including Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Silver Award (1998), HKPC Productivity Award for Services (1999), Top Ten Business Makers Award (2000), Enlightened Employers Award 2001, and Outstanding Enterprises in IE 2002 Award.

Mr. Lau also engages actively in the public duties both in Hong Kong and China. He was the chairman of Hong Kong Logistics Association from 1997-1999. And he is a Council Member of Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) Governing Council, Committee Member of the Hong Kong Small & Medium Enterprises Committee, Hong Kong Trade Development Council and SME Development Fund Vetting Committee, Training Board Member of Vocational Training Council and the Council Member of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Public duties that he engages in China includes being Senior Advisor of Tianjin Total Logistics Corporation and Guizhou International Logistics (Holdings) Co, Ltd., Visiting Professor of Nankai University, Advisory Member of of China Logistics Association, Beijing, Convenor of Logistics Cooperation Agreement of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and the Lead Writer of the China Logistics Report (Hong Kong Section).