” Procurement ” is the first part of our early e-commerce solutions. Our well-developed web-enabled e-commerce solutions on Oracle platform enable a significant reduction of costs, as they eliminate the problem of customers’| employees ordering from non-approved sources, etc.

By the systems, Oriental Logistics provides business analysis to evaluate the procurement through historical data. The analysis can be leveraged to help identify future vendors relationship, e.g., delivery time, prices, payment terms.

We focus on the operation efficiency enhancement in implementing this e-procurement mechanism in customer network, which leads to enormous reduction in shipping and delivery errors, because of fewer possible errors in the entire fulfillment process.

The e-fulfillment solutions enable our customers to strive to work more closely with us. By virtue of customers accepting this approach and raising demand in operating their business, this particular internet-based facility leads our customers to a new cyber business model, resulting in the reduction of operating costs.