Oriental Logistics provides a diverse range of value added services to suit our entire customer’s needs, increasing the value of the services being provided, under-one roof, efficiently and timely, reducing the overall landed costs.

We have the following valued-added services for FMCG Goods, Wine & Food
Products, Garments and Cosmetics to General Chemicals Cargoes and DG Goods, the solutions for you.

For The FMCG Industry
- Repacking of various kinds of commodities into gift sets.
- Kitting for electronic items and appliances.
- Shrink wrapping of gift / presentation boxes.
- Wine label re-labelling.
- Labelling / Re-Labelling of cartons.
- Reverse logistics (Repacking, Re-Labelling, etc.).
- Upsizing / Downsizing of pallets.
- Packaging, gift sets and promotional materials design and production.
- Courier shipment handling.
- EDI labelling 856 (ANS) etc. and UPC barcodes set up assistance for
buyer consolidation operations.
- E-Ordering and systems integration.
- E-Commerce integration.
- Daily replenishment and order fulfilment.
- Barcode scanning for inventory management.
- Trans-loading.
- Cross docking for regional distribution centre order fulfilment.
- Home delivery service arrangement.
- Re-Palleting and stretch wrapping.
- Logistics support for manufacturing plants.
- Slip sheet unloading of containers.
- Souvenir and high-value secure store book publishing & distribution.
- Cash and cheque collection handling services.
- Full import and export documentation handling.
- One-stop-logistics service provided.
- Our design team will work out special project arrangements upon request.
For the Fashion & Cosmetics industry
- Price tagging of garments.
- Barcode labelling of garments.
- Quantity and style checking.
- Garment or soft toy quality checking.
- Hanging of garments and repacking.
- Reverse logistics (Repacking, Re-Labelling, Re-Bagging, etc.).
- Climate controlled storage.
- Hanging tag sourcing.
- Spare parts and components replacement centre.
- Cross docking and consolidation.
- Home deliveries arrangement.
- Re-Palleting and stretch wrapping deliveries.
- Cash and cheque collection.
- GSP1 registration, EAN-13 and UPC barcodes set up assistance.
- E-Ordering and systems integration.
- E-Commerce integration.
- Daily replenishment and order fulfilment.
- Barcode scanning for inventory management.
- Full import and export documentation handling.
- Factory auditing upon customer according to ISO requirements.
- One-stop-logistics services provided.
For The Chemical Logistics And Industrial Logistics
- Professional advice for dangerous cargo storage for inflammable, corrosive,
and toxic substances storage.
- Decanting from bulk containers to pails or small containers.
- Sampling / Re-Bagging of chemicals.
- 24-hour emergency order support.
- Light processing / assembly work.
- Cross docking of chemicals.
- Special size cargo handling.
- Customer service and delivery arrangement dangerous cargoes storage for
various categories.
- Steel drum pickers for 250 kg drums.
- DG declaration and import / export document handling.
- Temperature controlled warehousing compartments for chemicals.
- FCL and LCL Inter-Modal shipments of DG and Non DG chemicals.
- Re-Palleting and stretch wrapping.
- One-stop-logistics services provided.
- Fumigation services available.
- IPSM 15 compliant wooden packaging and plastic pallets.