"Dear Customers: During The Buddha's Birthday in Hong Kong (26th of May, 2023) is a Holiday, our service is still operational during the holidays in Hong Kong, should you have any questions regarding our operations, please feel free to contact our Customer Hotline: 852-6348-0668(HK Headquarters). Thank you for your kind attention!"

For Fashion Items & Garments, Cosmetics, Electronics, Industrial Products, Food Products and FMCG Products.

Oriental Logistics has warehouses and operations in Hong Kong, providing a wide range of warehousing, local distribution and value-added services.

We have tailor-made our warehouses layouts, designed for efficient and effective operations, having designated areas for racking, block stacking, pick and pack activities, with space to facilitate the sorting of assorted cargoes. We have both ambient and climate controlled storage areas for Cosmetics, Fashion & Accessories and Electronics.

Our Hong Kong headquarters is wholly owned by Oriental Logistics with cargo lifts and loading bay facilities. Additional logistics depots and operations are located in other prime areas of Hong Kong for easy local distribution.


We can handle orders with computer link-up, which enables our customers to both upload and download external data so that essential data can be imported or exported between their system and our own.

Oriental Logistics has developed system integration with our Oracle ERP system and SAP system for several customers who are operating SAP. This provides real time on-line updating of data between our customer’s SAP system and our Oracle ERP system.

Our real-time online reporting systems let our customers keep track of: Stock Data, Stock Balance Level, Re-ordering Level, Stock Aging, Expiry-Date Of Products, and Real-Time Delivery Status of their orders. Such particular features allow an efficient operations management, an effective planning for daily replenishment of stock and easy physical transportation management down to departmental level for individual customers.

Tracking and monitoring of stock movements and delivery status is more accurate and is assembled through a highly secure web-site linkage. All data and reports are shown in real time enhancing efficiency and transparency of operations.


We provide the following warehousing services:
Third Party Warehousing: Ambient And Environmentally Controlled Warehousing.
High Security And Alarmed Storage Areas For High Valued Cargoes.
Complex Pick And Pack Operations To Order (FMCG / Foods / Electronics / Fashion Logistics)
Daily Replenishment For FMCG Goods.
Regional And International Distribution Center For Operations
Barcode Scanning For Accurate Inventory Management.
Re-Labeling And Bespoke Repacking Services.
Material Purchasing Services..
Garment Hanging And Price Tagging.
Order Processing: Import/Export Documents, Custom Invoice & Delivery Order Printing.
Courier Shipment Handling And Arrangement.
Quality Control And Inspection Services.
Inventory Management
Inventory Control
Trans-Loading And Cross Docking Services
Special Sized Cargo Handling.
Stretch Wrapping And Palletization.
Public Warehousing Storage Services.
Licensed Dangerous Goods Handling And Warehousing.