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Oriental Logistics is the sponsor of “Oriental Logistics Scholarship” for the City University of Hong Kong. The “Oriental Logistics Scholarship” is intended for those students who have achieved outstanding academic results in the “Business Logistics” program. The scholarship aims to award students who have great potential in further studies of the in logistics industry, in the hope they will greatly contribute to the logistics industry upon their graduation.

We support the City University of Hong Kong to invite famous professors to visit for seminars and talks, sharing their logistics knowledge and experience with the students.

Furthermore, we assist the library of the City University of Hong Kong in buying logistics books, papers and journals, etc., so that students can obtain the latest information on the logistics industry.

Oriental Logistics has also sponsored various Scholarships of Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education – Tsing Yi Nexus, City University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in order to show our support to the tertiary education of Hong Kong.