Oriental Logistics in Hong Kong is equipped with a fleet of container trucks lorries and vans, operating in conjunction with a variety of physical distribution services tailor-made to our customer’s requirements.

We specialize in same-day-delivery and specific time delivery for our customers, enhancing our customer’s competitive edge. We also provide haulage and cross-border trucking service both for General Cargo and for licensed Dangerous Goods transportation to destinations both local and in Mainland China.

We excel in on-time delivery, and accuracy of goods picked to order. We provide transparent delivery information with real time delivery acknowledgement- vital for today’s busy logistics and supply chain professionals.

Our Transportation and Distribution Services Includes:
Local Haulage For 20’ FCL, 40’ FCL & 40’ HQ Containers.
Cross-Border Trucking To Mainland China.
Daily Replenishment Of FMCG Goods To Down Town Stores.
Daily Delivery For FMCG Customers To: Chain Stores, Outlets And To The Home.
Daily / Express Delivery (1 Hour To 1 & 1/2 Hour Lead-Time) From Point-To-Point In Hong Kong.
CFS Cargo Delivery Both For General Cargo And Dangerous Goods.
Oversized / Heavy Equipment Bespoke Delivery Services
Promotion And Store Displays Renewal Activities.
Licensed Dangerous Goods Transportation, Locally And To Mainland China.

We offer transportation services for a large variety of products; Fashion, Electronics, Cosmetics, Food Products, Temperature Controlled Transportation, Hazardous Chemicals Transportation, Precious Items Transportation, Industrial Products Delivery and Transportation, etc.