Oriental Logistics Scholarship presented at the City University of Hong Kong

19 Apr 2005

Oriental Logistics always shows its support and consideration to the tertiary education of Hong Kong by sponsoring various scholarships in local tertiary institutes.

Oriental Logistics is the sponsor of the “Oriental Logistics Scholarship” for the City University of Hong Kong. On 17th March 2005, the “Scholarship and Prize Presentation Ceremony 2005” took place in the City University of Hong Kong and our Human Resources Manager, Ms. Debbie Kwong, presented the scholarship to the outstanding student on behalf of Oriental Logistics.

This scholarship is established for the students who have achieved excellent academic results in the “Business Logistics” program. We aim to encourage elite students who have great potential in Logistics studies to excel and reach for even higher academic and professional excellence, in the hope of bringing a great contribution to the Hong Kong Logistics Industry upon their graduation.