The NanKai University in Tianjing & The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Student Visit

02 Dec 2005

A joint group of students, comprising of MSc students from the Nankai University in Tianjing and students studying the Global Supply Chain Management bachelor course from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University visited the Oriental Logistics Kwai Chung Depot on December 2nd, 2005. The MSc course is a joint course organized by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Nankai University three years ago. The aim of their visit was to learn about Oriental’s advanced supply chain management and full electronic support operation. The students listened intently to the presenter’s explanation of the company and its services, and following a Q&A session, they were all shown the various warehousing floors and repacking workshop. Students commented that the visit was enjoyable and informative, and that the experience had given them an insight into the practical elements of the industry to compliment the theory they learn in the classroom.