Professional Seminar Series: Logistics Industry

10 Feb 2007

To provide Hong Kong logistics industries with available manpower, the School of Professional Education and Executive Development of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and JobMarket have jointly organized a Professional Seminar Series where Mr. Gilbert Lau, Managing Director of Oriental Logistics Holdings Company Limited, Mr. Anthony Lau, Baltrans Holdings Limited, Mr. Ricky Wong, the Chamber of Hong Kong Logistics Industry, Mr. Ivan Ha, SGS Hong Kong Ltd. were invited to share views towards the future development of the industry. During that seminar on 10 February, 2007, as quoted by one of the organizing parties, JobMarket, the young audience expressed very positive comments and were inspired with confidence upon building up their careers in the supply chain industry. These young participants spoke that they understood only by equipping themselves with IT technological capabilities could they create a bright prospect.