Oriental Logistics Registers Its Trademark ®

28 Mar 2007

By registering its trademark, Oriental Logistics provides reassurance and confidence to its customers as well as enhancement of its corporate image.

Legal Aspect.
The internet has caused trade-names and trademarks to become more valuable and the number of registered trademarks have increased substantially.
Registering its trademark Oriental Logistics prevents conflict arising in the future in the misuse of its logo.
The ® symbol provides constructive notice of ownership of the trademark by Oriental Logistics Company Limited and its exclusive right to use the trademark.
Any infringement on Oriental Logistics trademark is illegal and therefore grounds for Oriental Logistics to sue the infringing party.
A trademark is an intangible asset that may be protected from use by others.

Business Aspect
It is widely concluded that businesses that show the trademark ® symbol for their corporate name are widely considered to be more credible, established and professional than those companies that do not.
The ® symbol therefore attracts more esteemed and well-founded customers due to the increased perception of stability and confidence.
Having a trademark achieves added protection against imitation and assures customers against future names that are merely similar in sound, appearance or meaning.