Mr. Lau’s Speech On The 10th Year Anniversary Celebrating Dinner

11 Sep 2007

The Managing Director of Oriental Logistics, Mr. Gilbert Lau, gave speech in the 10th Year Anniversary Celebrating Dinner, sharing the joy of 10th Year Anniversary with more than 200 colleagues. He talked about the history and development of Oriental Logistics.

In the speech, Mr. Lau thanks and appreciates the effort made by colleagues over the years. He believes the current success of Oriental Logistics is brought by the hard work and close cooperation among colleagues. Over the past ten years, the company has come across difficulties and even low tides, yet, through the teamwork among good colleagues, problems could always be solved.

Mr. Lau also mentions about the future development plan. In future years, Mr. Lau wishes Oriental Logistics could maintain its advantages in the industry, and move forward to further strengthen its competitiveness. Oriental Logistics would also put more resources on employees training.

For consumers, Oriental Logistics would further improve and strengthen its services quality guarantee and management. On technical side, it would further the quantifiable and scientific management, increase the management cost effectiveness, so as to increase gross margin percentage of the company.

Mr. Lau also suggests Oriental Logistics to further expand the China business in full scale in 2008, and to speed up the freight forwarding agency (or the Class A license) business. Last but not the least, Mr. Lau said he desires to celebrate another 10th Year Anniversary with every single Oriental colleague in 2017.