SHE & 5S practise – Fire Drill of 2009

31 Oct 2009


Oriental Logistics is always concerning SHE & fire hazard. So fire drill become part of our SHE & 5S practise.

On October the 31st, Oriental Logistics conducted a fire drill, under professional instruction delivered by the firemen team of Kwai Chung Fire Station. Our colleagues practiced what we should do in case of a fire. Having followed company safety guidelines in an emergency, we left the premises in a safe and orderly way, and within a specified period of time, we reached the gathering spot. Later, back in our company’s car park area, the firemen demonstrated the correct method of using different types of fire extinguishers. Our human resources and administration team member took the initiative to put theory into practice, instantly applying what she has just learned to use the fire extinguisher. It illustrated clearly the Oriental Logistics team spirit towards facing and coping with challenges.