HSBC Mega Hong Kong Sale

The HSBC Mega Hong Kong Sale is one of the five major events of City of Life: Hong Kong is it. Oriental Logistics, which provides professional logistics services, is the official logistics company of this event.

The Mega HK Sales (MHKS) held from 15th June 2002 to 31st August 2002 was the 4th major tourism campaign in the “City of Life: HK Is It!” program. Organized by the HK Tourist Board (HKTB), this is the largest ever shopping festival in HK. Oriental Logistics (OLL) as a sponsor and key supporter of the event provided logistics and delivery services of MHKS publicity material for participating merchants.
As OLL is the sole logistics service provider for the MHKS, we took a critical role in handling every single aspect in a timely manner in order to streamline the promotion activities during the program.

First, OLL had to meet a tight delivery and collection schedule due to the participating merchants and designated kiosk locations were scattered over the territory, OLL had to deliver publicity materials to around 1,400 delivery points within 3 days and to transport the supplies for the set-up of the kiosks before the launch of the program.
How we meet the challenge
Building on our global experience and industry expertise, OLL provided an innovative logistics solution to the complex distribution requirements. Supported by our fleet of vehicles, our dedicated logistic and delivery computer system,a dedicated team of experienced and competent staff and througn excellent time management, OLL provided efficient and punctual delivery to all locations over the whole program.
Our business relationship with HKTB dates back more than 4 years, so OLL understood the requirements of HKTB and provided a successful logistics and delivery service for the program.

Implementation - In the implementation stage, the team lead is asked to follow the objectives, KPIs, cost and revenue budget as established in the beginning. Their related skills, logistics management experience and attention to details will determine how well they accomplish the project. Most importantly, there is customer knowledge transferred to the front line.

Handling techniques and safety requirements are very strict. Staff is technically trained for the specific needs of each item. All precautions and safety requirements stated in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) are passed onto the staff members responsible.

Control - After the implementation stage, our internal auditors will list out all the KPIs and service standards on a checklist to follow them up with a physical audit to the physical operation, and ensure that every KPI and standards are strictly followed. The audit then would extend to a financial evaluation to find out if project is profitable or not. From the customer side, a few inputs will be obtained such as from the Annual Customer Survey.

There is also feedback from customers. By doing this, valuable input on quality enhancement can be gained.

Evaluation - Direct reports on special issues reach the corporate management and are reacted upon swiftly. Hence, valid improvements can be made fast. Finally, new measures, improvements or new service will be suggested in accordance with evaluation & investigation results.

Under the Customer Partnership Mechanism, the service quality and the operation productivity can be continuously improved. Problems are reduced significantly. We meet customer requirements and can enhance or create new service offerings in a continuous quality enhancement cycle, thus maintaining a smooth partnership.