Dear Customers: Wishing you brilliant success in 2021! The Lunar New Year's holiday in Hong Kong (from 12th of February to 15th of February, 2021) is a Public Holiday, should you have any questions regarding our operations, please feel free to contact our Customer Hotline: 852-6348-0668 (HK Headquarters). Thank you for your kind attention!
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In order to increase warehouse efficiency, we allocate many resources to information technology. We now have several self-developed software. e.g. (BMS) Business Management System, (WMS) Warehouse Management System, and (WIS) Web Information System. This enables customers to keep track of, and input stock data, discrepancy levels, reordering levels, and control expiry-date products. These features allow efficient inventory management and effective inventory replenishment planning.

We have developed a web-enabled software, making tracking and monitoring of stock movements more accurate and accessible worldwide through highly protected web-site linkage. All data is manipulated in one integrated system, so efficiency is enhanced.

There are almost 50 different kinds of reports and listings which can be easily and quickly customized to any particular purpose or preference.

This integrated MIS (Management Information System) is what differentiates us from other logistics providers.