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Oriental Logistics provides a diverse range of value added services to suite our entire customer’s needs, increasing the value of the services being provided, under-one roof, efficiently and timely, reducing the overall landed costs.

We have the following valued-added services for FMCG Goods, Wine & Food Products, Garments and Cosmetics to General Chemicals Cargoes and DG Goods, the solutions for you.

For The FMCG Industry
- Repacking Of Various Kinds Of Commodities Into Gift Sets.
- Kitting For Electronic Items And Appliances.
- Shrink Wrapping Of Gift / Presentation Boxes.
- Wine Label Re-Labelling.
- Labelling / Re-Labelling Of Cartons.
- Reverse Logistics (Repacking, Re-Labelling, Etc.).
- Upsizing / Downsizing Of Pallets.
- Packaging, Gift Sets And Promotional Materials Design And Production.
- Courier Shipment Handling.
- EDI labelling 856 (ANS) etc. And UPC Barcodes Set Up Assistance For Buyer Consolidation Operations.
- E-Ordering And Systems Integration.
- E-Commerce Integration.
- Daily Replenishment And Order Fulfilment.
- Barcode Scanning For Inventory Management.
- Trans-Loading.
- Cross Docking For Regional Distribution Centre Order Fulfilment.
- Home Delivery Service Arrangement.
- Re-Palleting And Stretch Wrapping.
- Logistics Support For Manufacturing Plants.
- Slip Sheet Unloading Of Containers.
- Souvenir And High-Value Secure Store Book Publishing & Distribution.
- Cash And Cheque Collection Handling Services.
- Full Import And Export Documentation Handling.
- One-Stop-Logistics Service Provided.
- Our Design Team Will Work Out Special Project Arrangements Upon Request.
For The Fashion & Cosmetics Industry
- Price Tagging Of Garments.
- Barcode Labelling Of Garments.
- Quantity And Style Checking.
- Garment Or Soft Toy Quality Checking.
- Hanging Of Garments And Repacking.
- Reverse Logistics (Repacking, Re-Labelling, Re-Bagging, etc.).
- Climate Controlled Storage.
- Hanging Tag Sourcing.
- Spare Parts And Components Replacement Centre.
- Cross Docking And Consolidation.
- Home Deliveries Arrangement.
- Re-Palleting And Stretch Wrapping Deliveries.
- Cash And Cheque Collection.
- GSP1 Registration, Ean-13 And UPC Barcodes Set Up Assistance.
- E-Ordering And Systems Integration.
- E-Commerce Integration.
- Daily Replenishment And Order Fulfilment.
- Barcode Scanning For Inventory Management.
- Full Import And Export Documentation Handling.
- Factory Auditing Upon Customer According To ISO Requirements.
- One-Stop-Logistics Services Provided.
For The Chemical Logistics And Industrial Logistics
- Professional Advice For Dangerous Cargo Storage For Inflammable, Corrosive, And Toxic Substances Storage.
- Decanting From Bulk Containers To Pails Or Small Containers.
- Sampling / Re-Bagging Of Chemicals.
- 24-Hour Emergency Order Support.
- Light Processing / Assembly Work.
- Cross Docking Of Chemicals.
- Special Size Cargo Handling.
- Customer Service And Delivery Arrangement Dangerous Cargoes Storage For Various Categories.
- Steel Drum Pickers For 250 KG Drums.
- DG Declaration And Import / Export Document Handling.
- Temperature Controlled Warehousing Compartments For Chemicals.
- FCL And LCL Inter-Modal Shipments Of DG And Non DG Chemicals.
- Re-Palleting And Stretch Wrapping.
- One-Stop-Logistics Services Provided.
- Fumigation Services Available.
- IPSM 15 Compliant Wooden Packaging And Plastic Pallets.
- One-Stop-Logistics Services Provided.