About Us


Oriental Logistics is a major asset-based, THIRD PARTY LOGISTICS (3PL) service provider in Hong Kong. Seamlessly providing one-stop logistics management solutions and contract logistics, tailor-made, with high performance, to todays SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT requirements.

Oriental Logistics Holdings Company Limited is composed of five prime companies: Oriental Logistics Company Limited (OLL), Oriental Systems Company Limited (OSC), Oriental Physical Distribution Company Limited (ODL), Oriental Logistics Express Company Limited (OLE) and Oriental Records Management Company Limited (ORM).

Founded in 1997, with its headquarters in Hong Kong and having wholly owned subsidiaries and warehouse and distribution operations. Oriental Logistics now reaches into more than 75 cities around the world. Oriental Logistics provides a wide range of logistics services and has expanded into a niche market business providing:

Oriental Logistics, having a workforce of over 300 personnel, half a million square-foot of storage space, over 70 trucks, lorries and container trucks enabling us to have the capacity to serve logistics projects of every size.

Oriental Logistics excels in information technology having an advanced and tailor-made Enterprise Resources System (ERP), and Web Based real-time, Inventory Management, Reporting, and e-ordering operating systems, that makes the company a spearhead in technology for today’s information driven logistics industry.

We focus on being an asset based, and flexible, customer and centric driven, third-party logistics provider rendering total logistics for all kinds of inner-city physical distribution; international distribution on a project base; and vendor hubs, such as MULTI COUNTRY CONSOLIDATIONREGIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTRES, and Distribution Centres, incorporating Cross-Docking and JIT Delivery concepts for AIR AND SEA FREIGHT FORWARDING and courier shipments worldwide, which reduces the landed and wholesale costs which enhances efficiency and helps drive costs down by outsourcing the above-mentioned functions.

The extensive sea and air-freight-forwarding network that spans the PRC China, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia in the Far East, and all major ports in Europe and the United States, provides valued logistics services to our customers as part of our supply chain management. Through these network connections, we are able to form a well-established network to provide a “One-stop logistics solution” to our customers.